What is a cookie gram?

To some the answer of what a cookie gram is may seem obvious, but it is not so simple. The broadest definition of a cookie gram is that it is a large cookie gift delivered by post or courier. But that is where the complexity starts, as every cookie gram is not created equal.

  • There are many sizes of cookie grams, but in general cookie grams are usually large.
  • There are many kinds of cookie grams, and the cheaper ones on the market are known to use cheap ingredients or short cuts.

Why would a company use cheap ingredients or short cuts? We wonder the same thing sometimes, but it makes sense when you factor in what it takes to make a delicious tasting cookie gram properly.

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Send a Cookie Bouquet in the GTA

We have been having a lot of fun this chilly Spring creating some long stem cookie bouquets for a few lucky people in the GTA. We typically deliver our bouquets in Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga, Brampton and a few in Toronto. They are very fragile and have to be handled with care.

Our cookie bouquets are always unique, awesome and made by hand. We package and make each one with care.¬† Every cookie we make is made from small batches using ingredients that embody goodness. And we even add in extra chocolate chips on top of the chocolate cookies… No corner is cut in making these gourmet gifts.

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New peppermint chocolate chunk and mocha chocolate chip cookies for Spring

We are happy to share that we have added three new chocolate cookies this Spring which taste absolutely divine.

We have been working over the past year to develop the perfect peppermint chocolate cookie and two of these cookies are the result of our hard work.

And, we did not hold back on the chocolate for these cookies! They are filled with chocolate chips in the batter using our unique process to combine the ingredients. When we shape each cookie by hand we push as many chocolate chunks into to the top.

The Easter bunny has some stiff  competition for the best chocolate treat this Spring

They are so yummy!

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