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Send a video message with your cookie delivery for FREE

Great News! just got better in a very real way today.

We now have the ability for our customers to send a video message with their cookie gift on top of the custom inscription card (included with every gift). By adding a short video message to the gift, you personalize and make the gift even more unique and special.

Over the past few months we have worked behind the scenes to develop the technology to give our customers the ability to record and “attach” a 60 second video message with their cookie gift.

How does it work?

With our online tool you simply record a short video on your mobile device that is less than one minute. The video message is uploaded and encoded on the fly. We also allow to watch and approve the video after uploading before it is added to the gift.

When the cookies are delivered, a link to it is provided to the customer. We do this by including an easy to use QR Code with instructions on how to view the video.

Send a videogram with gourmet cookies

As shown above, the recipient can use their mobile device. All they have to do is open the camera’s app and view the QR code on the screen. A yellow box will show up and at the top of the phone a message that says “Open in Safari”. Clicking on the message opens the webpage with a snapshot of the video and a link to watch it online.

It’s really as easy as loading a web page…

This service is provided FREE as long as only one upload is made per gift. For this reason we recommend you pre-record the video on your phone first to be sure it is perfect before it is uploaded. To do this simply record the video on your phone/device/system and once it is ready pick the “Add Video” option on the page provided and select the video in the photo library.

The maximum video recording length is 60 seconds. Anything beyond 60 seconds will be cut from the video, so please ensure you keep it under one minute.

To take advantage of this unique offer, first order a cookie delivery online. After you place your, simply let us know you want to send a video with your cookie delivery and we will send you the link.

We look forward to hearing how this makes our cookie gifts even Better and by far the best in Canada.

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