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Better Cookie Ingredients

Each cookie we make embodies goodness.

They are made by mixing high quality ingredients in a unique way. We then handcraft them from small batches and bake them fresh for every gift. It takes extra time to make these gourmet cookies, but it's worth it!

For every chocolate cookie, we also add extra chocolate chips on top to make them look and taste awesome.

Order a cookie gift box delivery or cookie gift basket today.

Please Note: The semi-sweet chocolate chips used in our cookies are deliciously made with the following ingredients: unsweetened chocolate, sugar, vanilla and soy lecithin. There is no dairy in the ingredients but there is a disclaimer that due to the machines they are made on they may contain traces of wheat and dairy. For more information please see our Nut, Wheat and Dairy Disclaimers.

Our unique Yin Yang cookies that embody goodness are delivered in Canada

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