Christmas corporate gifts to show you care

Christmas is a great time of giving and provides us all with the opportunity to show appreciation for the great work someone does for us or a repay a kind gesture. Businesses often show their gratitude by sending out corporate gifts to clients and employees at this time of year.

We love Christmas for the opportunity to create beautiful gifts for companies which are given to co-workers, clients, friends and employees. The gift of cookies — a basket of cookies, a gift box or even a gift bag of cookies is a delicious way to show you care.

We have many years of experience navigating the pitfalls and challenges that arise during this time of year and wanted to share some of the tips to plan your corporate gift giving to make it a success.

First and foremost, partner with someone who cares about going that extra mile. As long time purveyors of holiday gifts, we are always happy to provide suggestions and help our clients through the process.

One of the most common questions we get about holiday corporate gift giving is what date should the gifts be delivered on. When you are considering the best date to send your gift, please take into account where the cookies are being delivered. For cookie deliveries outside the Halton, Peel and Toronto area, a delivery date of Tuesday to Thursday is best to ensure the cookie gift is received in a timely manner. In general, it is best to avoid delivering cookies to an office building on Friday during the holidays as many people take the day off or leave early.

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Corporate Gifts in Canada to say “Thank You” with Better Cookies

Companies are often left looking for the perfect corporate gift for their employees both during the holidays and when they want to send a thank you gift for a job well done. This is especially true given the challenges we have all faced in 2020. Trying to figure out how to thank those who work with us, or for us can be a difficult.

Pretty much everyone loves delicious cookies and sending them is a great and delicious way to say thank-you! We are so excited to be able to offer our corporate gift boxes, baskets and jarsĀ  with “Great Job” and “Thank-you” themes for our corporate clients.

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Holiday gift ideas with unique cookie baskets and boxes

We are now entering the holiday season and there is still time to send a unique holiday cookie gift. With office parties and getting together to celebrate with friends, December can be a both busy and fun.

Amid this festive revelry, finding the perfect holiday gift is sometimes a challenge! Many people and companies are often left searching for gift ideas for the holidays. This is especially the case in a society that is filled with an overload of instant gratification and a lack of time.

Finding a great holiday gift can often be seen as a problem and for some an opportunity? It comes down to how we interact with our experience and how we use our minds.

We love having the opportunity to help during this time of year with our unique Holiday cookie gift baskets and boxes.

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