What are the best cookies for delivery in Canada?

Defining the best cookies for delivery in Canada is a loaded question in-part because who does not like gourmet cookies?

But despite the fact that cookies make a great gift for any occasion, a good answer to this question involves two different factors needing to be considered. These are the way they are packaged and the variety of cookies included in the gift.

So without a doubt, picking the type of cookies your gift recipient likes to eat is important. If you are not sure whether they prefer chocolate chip cookies over oatmeal raisin cookies, that’s ok.  In our experience as longtime cookie masters, the best way to make sure everyone it happy is to include a balance of different cookie flavours. To help with this we have many different cookie options in our baskets, boxes, bouquets and jars. Our most popular cookies are our chocolate chip cookies and our oatmeal raisin cookies.

Secondly, the way the cookies are presented is important. We detail a few of the different ways we package our cookies in the gifts we make below to help you order the best cookie gifts for delivery in Canada for your gift recipient.

All of our gifts are freshly baked and packaged with care. For this reason we call them iCare gifts as we take the time to make them special. We detailed the time it takes us to make a gift of goodness in a previous post. So if you would like to know how much time and care goes into making our gifts, please check it out.

If you factor in the time it takes to make our gifts, the special touches we add to every order, and our low prices, Better Cookies.ca has some of the most unique and cheapest gifts available in Canada.

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Will you be my Vegan Valentine?

We love Valentine’s Day! It is such a great day for people to show appreciation for the ones they care about. As we are all heart at Better Cookies.ca,  our cookies are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift delivery for your loved one.

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Holiday gift ideas with unique cookie baskets and boxes

We are now entering the holiday season and there is still time to send a unique holiday cookie gift. With office parties and getting together to celebrate with friends, December can be a both busy and fun.

Amid this festive revelry, finding the perfect holiday gift is sometimes a challenge! Many people and companies are often left searching for gift ideas for the holidays. This is especially the case in a society that is filled with an overload of instant gratification and a lack of time.

Finding a great holiday gift can often be seen as a problem and for some an opportunity? It comes down to how we interact with our experience and how we use our minds.

We love having the opportunity to help during this time of year with our unique Holiday cookie gift baskets and boxes.

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