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Sweet autumn days with some delicious cookies

Crisp mornings… warm, sunny afternoons…cool evenings….what a wonderful time of the year! Kids are back in school, vacations are all done and life takes on a regularity again (if there exists such a thing). It’s also a time to catch up with good friends after busy summers, whether getting a coffee together or having an intimate dinner party during these sweet autumn days.

Too many times we forget to set aside this special time, and nurture these friendships. A perfect way to share these sweet autumn days and say thank-you is with a gift of delicious cookies–be it a gift box or basket of cookies.

Make time to share with friends

Cookies are meant to be shared.  And who better to share them with than your friends.  So take the time to tell your friends how awesome they really are and show how much you care.

Make Fall awesome
Make Fall awesome on these sweet autumn days

Make each moment count this Fall and take the time to enjoy the beautiful Fall weather. We have had some awesome weather in the Toronto area.

Here is a picture we took in Oakville walking with the dogs in Bronte Creek Provincial Park (east side). It’s just a short trip outside of Toronto between Burlington and Oakville.

Bronte Creek Provincial Park East During these sweet autumn days
Sweet autumn days in Bronte Creek Provincial

We really appreciate the colours that surround us during this time of year. The vibrant reds and yellows inspire us to create new flavours of cookies for the upcoming Christmas season. We are now working on a new batch of chocolate cherry chunk cookies for the Christmas holidays. Mmmm.. It’s almost time for a coffee and cookie break.

We love to hear more about what you thought of our cookies. So if you have any comments, praise or suggestions please drop us a line.

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