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Are you nuts for cookies?

All about the use of nuts in our cookies delivered and ordered online

Most of our cookies do not contain nuts, but some do. We have a selection of cookies that are nut based and labelled as such. Therefore, you must assume the cookies you are ordering are NOT nut free.

Please have a look at our cookie ingredients to see the ingredients in our cookies that we deliver. 

For the cookies that do not have nuts in their ingredients, we cannot be responsible for any contamination or cross contamination in the product. Therefore the products without nuts should be considered to contain traces of nuts.

We also sometimes add shredded coconut and coconut oil to some of our unique cookies. You might be interested to know that coconut is a seed and a member of the palm family, it is not related to nuts or peanuts. Also, it is has not been classified as a tree-nut in Canada for the purpose of food allergen labelling.

If cookies could grow on trees, they would be better cookies.

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