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Embrace the Challenge Cookie Gift Basket

Our cookie gifts provide a great way to celebrate a great job and to thank someone special!

Give the gift that truly sends the message of thanks and gratitude. Whether you are recognizing a job well done or want to say "Thanks", our cookies make a great gift.  We deliver gift boxes in Canada and gift baskets, cookie jars, cookie grams and cookie bouquets in the Toronto area.

Our cookies are made with kindness and care: they embody goodness in how and in what they are made from. Sending a same-day iCare thank-you basket or box can help make your moments of gratitude special.

Next business day cookie delivery is free in Burlington and Oakville and only $5 for many cities in the GTA including Hamilton, Mississauaga and Toronto. See our Cookie Courier Costs for more details.

Ordering a great job or thank you cookie gift is easy to do.

Here is a complete list of the gifts we offer to help celebrate a Great Job and Thank You.

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Here are some of the great-job-and-thank-you add-ons that can be included with your cookie gift delivery. We have a FREE inscription card where you can include your own photo and thoughtful message with your great-job-and-thank-you gift.

Better Canada "You are a Star" Gift Theme

This card says "Thank YOU" on the front and  "You are a Star" on the back. It is really quite beautiful.

  • Photo of You are a Star gift theme
  • Photo of You are a Star gift theme

Better Canada "Thank You" Gift Theme

Say 'thank you' for a job well done with the simple words included in this theme.

This 4'x4' double-sided card has the words "Thank you!" in big yellow letters on the front. On the back of the card are the words "you are awesome".

What better way is there to say thanks than a gift of Better Cookies? Send a thank you cookie gift to make it special.



  • Photo of Thank You gift theme
  • Photo of Thank You gift theme

Better Canada "Great Job" Gift Theme

A job well done needs to be celebrated!

A mountain may have been climbed to get the work done so this theme adds is a perfect way to say "Thanks!".

This theme includes the words "Great Job" and is shared in a fancy curl design.

It has a mountain peak on it , wood paneling in the background and some embedded mountains in the greay box.




  • Photo of Great Job gift theme
  • Photo of Great Job gift theme
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