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Corporate Gift Ideas - Individually Wrapped Cookies

Quick Order Custom Individually Wrapped Cookies

Cellophane cookie gift packs are available for corporate or special events. The quantity of cookies can range from 1 to 12 Cookies in the package.

These cookies are only available by special order, and please allow at least 3 days for baking and delivery. Shipping costs will depend on the number of locations for delivery and the location in Canada. We individually wrapped the cookies and can include a special note, card or business card.

We have a many different hand crafted cookies available in the cookie packages.

All bags come sealed with a ribbon and hand packaged with care.

Please call our corporate office at 416-477-1401 to place your order or to get a quote.

  • $2.50 for 1 Cookie
  • $4.50 for 2 Cookies
  • $6.50 for 3 Cookies
  • $7.50 for 4 Cookies
  • $10.99 for 6 Cookies
  • $12.99 for 7 Cookies
  • $14.99 for 8 Cookies
  • $18.99 for 9 Cookies
  • $22.99 for 11 Cookies
  • $24.99 for 12 Cookies

We have a minimum order size of $100 for each order. Cookie prices are subject to change and will be quoted specifically for your event.

Please send us an e-mail with your questions and gift needs and we will help customize a gift for you.

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