A Cookie Delivery for the Fall

The Fall time in Canada is such a special time to come together and celebrate all the good that the summer and the year has brought us. This year will most certainly be different due to the precautions being taken due to COVID-19.

The practice to celebrate the fall harvest and the fruits that result from hard work is still very important to recognize — even beyond Thanksgiving. Each year, we like to celebrate the Fall and to recognize our clients for sending their own gifts of gratitude with us.

It seems like the summer passed us by in a blur now that the colder nights is parts of a changing reality in the Burlington, Hamilton and across  Toronto . Many people are working from home this year due to the COVID-19 crisis and changing times.

We have added many new gifts recently, some to celebrate the fall, say congratulations and thank-you.

Along with new sympathy, thank-you, get well and birthday gifts, we also have a few new styles of Christmas themed cookie gift baskets for 2020. If you are unsure what type of cookies to order online, please see our post on the best cookies for delivery in Canada.

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Looking for what words to say for a Cookie Delivery Birthday Gift?

Being purveyors of custom birthday gifts we get the pleasure of seeing many of the kind words and gestures sent by people with their birthday cookie delivery gifts.

So what should you say in the message to make the cookie delivery truly great? A focus on your connection and celebrate with gratitude helps make the best message. And, being concise with the inscription message is almost always better.

If you are looking for some inspiration on what to write on a birthday card, we hope some of these birthday wishes help…

Note: we changed any names included in the messages to protect the privacy of our clients.

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Send a video message with your cookie delivery for FREE

Great News! BetterCookies.ca just got better in a very real way today.

We now have the ability for our customers to send a video message with their cookie gift on top of the custom inscription card (included with every gift). By adding a short video message to the gift, you personalize and make the gift even more unique and special.

Over the past few months we have worked behind the scenes to develop the technology to give our customers the ability to record and “attach” a 60 second video message with their cookie gift.

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